Download the CORNER App

Download the Corner App from the iOS or Play store by searching 'Corner Boxing'.


Attach your CORNER trackers 

Connect your Corner trackers to the app with just a few simple taps. Slip them into the Corner wristbands provided or your own hand wraps and you're all set.


Choose a workout mode

Quick Start

Get straight into your boxing workout. Corner will detect the start and end of each round.

Interval Training

Set the round and rest intervals for your training session.

Manual Timing

Start and stop each round using the controls in the app.


Start Session

Track how hard you're working

Track your speed, power, total punches, intensity, and your top combinations all in real time so you never miss a punch.

Hands free control

Our live data is made clickable into large widgets so you can see your data, anywhere in the gym. You can use simple hand gestures to navigate around the live screen, without removing your gloves.


Analyse your data 

Workout Overview

See all of your workout data at a glance with our workout overview screen.

Punch Breakdown

See what types of punches you have thrown each round. We break them down into straights, hooks an uppercuts. We also tell you your top combinations.

Round by Round

Dive in deep and review all of your workout data round by round. See if you have reached your goals for speed, power and for punch count. 

Compare your workouts with friends


Follow your friends 

Follow the people you know so you can interact with them and see their workouts in your feed.

Compete on weekly leaderboards

When you follow someone you know they will appear on your weekly leaderboards so you can see who is performing best.


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